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Is the art of using essential oils for healing. It contains highly concentrated extracts from certain trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, roots and flowers. It is the most concentrated form of herbal energy available.  Ranging from medicinal and cosmetic to psychological, essential oils affect both our state of mind and our emotions.
Many essential oils have the ability to
  • boost the immune system and some affect our hormones.
  • sedate or stimulate the body and mind and sometimes do both at the same time to create balance.
  • have a strong impact on our attitudes and reactions.
How does it work?

The sense of smell acts mostly on a subconscious level.
A group of nerves run from the bridge of the nose directly to the brain. As certain aromas enter the nostrils and make direct contact with the nerves, they spark off a reaction in the brain. This links into the “Limbic System”, which is the center of emotions and memory. Through the limbic system the pituitary glands are stimulated. This causes reactions in our nervous system, affecting hormones, body temperature, appetite, thirst, digestion, nerves, insulin production, stress, repulsion and pleasure.