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Pili's Secret Oil Blends

The secret to my products is in the oil blends
Below are the therapeutic properties of the Essential Oils used in the SoooBeautiful Skin & Body products.
The information below allows you to look up essential oil properties, emotional/mental/physical influence,
methods of use and cautions.

warming, stimulating, anti-inflammatory
clear thinking, faith, compassion, calms nerves
headaches, sinus, asthma, bronchitis
diffuse, bath, massage
avoid in pregnancy; can irritate skin

Bay Laurel
fresh, spicy, refreshing
confidence, insight, courage
lymph congestion, sprains and bruises, colds & coughs
diffuse, massage
avoid in pregnancy; use moderately; can be a narcotic

cooling, uplifting, euphoric
optimism, spontaneity, calms nervous tensions
urinary infections, herpes, shingles
diffuse, bath, massage
phototoxic - avoid exposure to sun for 3 hrs. after bath or massage

Cader Atlas
warming, harmonizing, meditative
strength, endurance, use for anger
coughs, bronchitis, bladder and kindey infections, oily skin and hair
diffuse, bath, massage, topical
avoid in pregnancy

Chamomile Roman
sweet & warm, soothing, calming
calm, acceptance; use for stress, irritability
muscle spasms, eczema, arthritis, colic, PMS
diffuse, bath, massage, topical

Clary Sage
euphoric, clearing, regulating, increases estrogen
clarity, groundedness; use for fear, depression
asthma, muscular stiffness, cramps
diffuse, bath, massage
avoid in pregnancy

astringent, refreshing
gives stability, renewal; use for loss, anger
hemorrhoids, varicose veins, bladder infections
diffuse, bath, massage
avoid in pregnancy

Eucalyptus Sweet
refreshing, stimulating
dispels melancholy, promotes optimism
asthma, bronchitis, coughs
diffuse, massage
do not use with infants

Eucalyptus Radiata
refershing, stimulating
dispels melancholy, promotes optimism
colds, congestion, coughs
diffuse, massage
safe for children

Eucalptus Citriodora
refreshing, stimulating
dispels melancholy, promotes optimism
insect repellent
diffuse, massage

Fir Balsam
warming, refreshing
grounding, promotes intuition, use for anxiety, stress, creative blocks
muscle and rheumatic pain, asthma, coughs
diffuse, bath, massage

warm, tranquil, revitalizing
promotes meditation, prayer; use for agitation
scars, wounds, wrinkles, asthma, colds, flu, stress
diffuse, bath, massage

Geranium Rose
light, sensual, balancing
promotes security, intimacy; use for workaholism, discontent
hormone balancing, diuretic, adrenal conditions
diffuse, bath, massage
could cause contact dermatitis

refreshing, cooling, reviving
lightness of spirit; use for self-criticism
cellulite, oily skin, obesity, water retention
diffuse, bath, massage

euphoric, calming, uplifting, aphrodisiac
harmony, delight, creativity; use for fear, apathy
hormone balance, uterine, tonic, sensitive skin
diffuse, bath, massage

warming, invigorating, clearing
empowerment; use for worry, gloom, fear of failure
cystitis, bronchitis, arteriosclerosis, obesity, oily skin
diffuse, bath, massage
avoid in pregnancy, kidney disease

calming, cooling, balancing
calm, composure; use for emotional overload, tension, panic
headaches, insomnia, acne, bruises, burns, asthma, flu, colic
diffuse, bath, massage, topical

refreshing, purifying
trust, clarity, concentration, use for confusion, indecision, fatigue
antiseptic, blood puifier, rheumatism, gout, liver cleanser
diffuse, bath, massage
photosensitizing; do not use on skin before exposure to sun

stimulating, reviving, tonic
good for jet lag; small amounts are calming and clearing
antiseptic, analgesic, tonic to nervous system
diffuse, massage
could be a skin irritant

soothing, uplifting
happiness, calm; use for anxiety, insomnia, stress
detoxifying, regulating to lymphatic system, water retention
diffuse, bath, massage
phototoxic - do not use on skin before sun exposure

dry, meditative, warm, calming
clarifying, grounding; use for sorrow, worry
thrush, athlete's foot, ringworm, cracked skin, mouth ulcers
diffuse, bath, massage
avoid in pregnancy

cooling, clearing, sedative
comfort, strength, release
muscle spasms, diarrhea, heart palpitations, dry skin
diffuse, bath, massage

cheerful, warming, uplifting
ease, optimism, happiness; use for irritability
constipation, obesity, water retention, gas, chills
diffuse, bath, massage

fresh, stimulating, regulating
clear thinking, concentration; use for mental fatigue
indigestion, sinus congestion, headaches, gall bladder, nausea
diffuse, topical
could be sensitizing

Rose Otto
joyous, cooling, soothing
opens the heart, love, trust; use for anger, fear, anxiety
sensitive skin, herpes, nausea, poor circulation, palpitations
diffuse, bath, massage
do not use during first 3 months of pregnancy

fresh, reviving
mental clarity, good memory; use for poor memory
low blood pressure, poor circulation, colds, sinus
diffuse, bath, massage
avoid in pregnancy, epilepsy, high blood pressure

sweet, warm, balancing
calm, uplifting; use for fatigue, worry, frigidity
acne, dermatitis, scars, dry sensitive inflamed skin
diffuse, bath, massage

purifying, penetrating, warming
strong memory, inward focus; use for nervous debility, insomnia
throat & mouth infections, jaundice, asthma, coughs, headaches
avoid in pregnancy

uplifting, opening, meditative
courage, energy, drive; use for worry, attachment
chapped skin, sore throat, cystitis, dry coughs, colic, gastritis
diffuse, bath, massage, topical

Tea Tree
antibiotic, calming
strength, morale; use for tension, stress
acne, athlete's foot, chicken pox, fungus, burns
diffuse, topical
could be sensitizing

hot, dry, stimulating
courage, energy, drive; use for poor self-confidence, fear
lung infections, fatigue, chills, colds, flu, asthma, bronchitis
diffuse, massage
high blood pressure; could be sensitizing

warm, earthy, tranquil
grounding, centering; use for oversensitivity
PMS, menopause, hormone balancing, anemia, malabsorption
diffuse, bath, massage

Ylang Ylang
sensual, heady
joy, sensuality; use for agitation, fear withdrawal, anxiety
hypertension, palpitations, epilepsy, diabetes, acne, oily skin
diffuse, bath, massage